Emergency Voice Communication Systems London City Remote Tower

MEP has delivered a backup system to the London City Airport remote tower concept to assist controllers by voice communication if the main system at the new tower fail.

The new concept allows the remote tower to be operated up to 80 miles away through video feeds, making a backup communication method even more essential.

Fog conditions

It is necessary to ensure communication between air traffic control and pilots can continue immediately in case of issues. The procedure for using MEP’s backup system is managed as a normal control tower would in fog conditions, so voice communications remain unaffected.

Fully operational since 2020

MEP’s system is reliable and has a fully configurable user interface including the position of buttons, colours and sizes. The system can be designed to match the main control system, reducing risks in case of emergency and training costs. The remote tower for London City Airport is fully operational since 2020. Via the link below you can see a video in which this remote tower concept is discussed in the program Amazing Places.