Safe. Solid. Simple.

In a world of standards and critical security, it is not easy to keep things simple. Yet that is exactly what we do. We combine innovation with convenience, and systems that revolve around optimal human interaction, with people who will help you without a fuss as soon as you call us.

Our mission

MEP is the smart choice for innovative solutions that guarantee clear communication for traffic controllers worldwide.

We keep it simple, but we know exactly what we're doing. It is a magnificent challenge: using advanced technology to provide a system that is as simple as possible. So user-friendly that you hardly notice just how good it is.

Technically, everything has been arranged down to the very last detail, and you can count on our team at any time. We are specialists who challenge ourselves and one another to be innovative and remain at the forefront.

Our vision

Increasingly higher safety requirements are being set for traffic in the air, on water and on roads. This is accompanied by an ongoing need for better communication and management solutions. We work hard to guarantee safety and to keep our systems as simple as possible.

Safe. Solid. Simple.

That's MEP.

“When it comes to our products, you know exactly what to expect. But when it comes to our approach to the work, we may do things a little differently. We use our flexibility in such a way that we can always go the extra mile for our customers.”

-        Werner van Eck, CEO MEP


Since its founding in 1989, MEP has been developing and supplying voice communication systems for critical applications in the maritime and aviation industries. Since that time we have realised many challenging projects, and MEP products have become the de facto standard for maritime applications in the Benelux. The ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, as well as traffic controllers at locks and bridges in the Netherlands and Flanders, among others, rely on our systems every minute of the day.

Outside of the Benelux, more and more air traffic controllers are starting to use MEP systems at various national and international airports. We are now one of the fastest growing companies in this industry.

Changing user requirements help us to continuously innovate. Our organisation operates fully in line with the high quality requirements and standards of aviation in the development of software, hardware, and the extensive testing of our systems. This guarantees that we will perform under any conditions.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesistate to contact us!