ED-137 Gateway CRU995


Brand independent gateway

Hassle-free integration with any VCCS and radio.

Max 2.5W

Energy saving.

4x4 wire E&M connections

Up to 4 radios per gateway.


The CRU995 Gateway extends the lifespan of existing devices when transitioning to ED-137. The CRU995 Gateway is designed to serve as a remote interface for standard 4-wire E&M transmitters, receivers and transceivers so that they can be used and controlled in IP/VoIP networks.

ED-137 Gateway CRU995

The CRU995 gateway also supports the ATC IP/SIP standard ED-137. This makes the CRU995 gateway very suitable for use in ED-137 migration processes. For example, existing analog radios can still be used within the ED-137 standard. These gateway ED-137 radios can also be linked to existing analog communication systems.


Product Brief

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