SureVoice Solid


Interface: Full IP

Future-proof system with 4 gigabit connections.

SEL4: the world's most highly assured operating system

24/7 availability guaranteed.

Energy: max 25W

Most energy efficient VCCS.


The SureVoice solid VCS is the heart of the Voice communication system. The SureVoice solid VCS features four 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet jacks to maintain a redundant connection to two networks.

SureVoice Solid

The heart of the SureVoice Solid is a 64-bit quad core ARM processor. This processor allows over 500 connection per SureVoice solid. MEP has chosen for process seperation within the the seL4 high-assurance, high-performance risk free operating system microkernel, which results in 24/7 availabilty. Due to the design choices made by MEP, the frequency and impact of upgrades is minimized. Most of the updates can be done without down time, whilst in operation. The in-house designed and developed hardware significantly reduces the power consumption to a maximum of 25 watt. The startup time of the SureVoice Solid is less then a minute.


Product Brief

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