Console TCP995


12.1 inch touch screen

Suitable for medium and main systems.

Audio expandable

Individual choice of controllers.


Optimal placement at the workplace possible.


The TCP995 is 12.1” touchscreen CWP. This is the interface for the controller to the TCS990. The CWP handles Air/Ground and Ground/Ground communication.


It is suitable for building into a desk. On the back, there is a VESA100 mounting option for placing the CWP on an arm. When mounted into the desk the TCP995 is water resistant and protected against water spilling. The panel is equipped with an extra high light output of 1000CD/m2 XGA (1024x768) capacitive touchscreen. Making it readable in places with high interior light conditions exists.

Other properties

The top of the screen is glass, which is solid and durable. The unit can be connected to an external headset plug unit ACU995, the SBU995 speaker box, handsets and hand microphones. The console has two IP interfaces and redundant power input.


Product Brief

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